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How do you generate exponential growth
out of a 20-year-old multi-channel and
operational retail brand? 


We dug down deep into the mind of our customer
and found his fundamental need: “I need my stuff
and my place to feed my masculine core.”


We didn’t need to be like the other Big Boxes, safely speaking to all potential customers. We didn’t need to focus on the next transactional sale. We made a commitment to not playing it safe, but playing it true. We equipped men for the thrill of battle.


And we did it with force by infusing every aspect of the Northern Tool + Equipment brand: from employee training to a new identity and new advertising to completely redesigned stores and private label brands—right down to bathroom signs—to meet our customers’ needs. And we made no apologies for who we are.


In the first six months unaided recall of advertising doubled, new branding online led to an annual online sales increase of 43%, the biggest increase in the history of the company, and after just 24 months, sales nearly doubled.

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